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Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: Allow EUOs without court order

Examinations under oath help insurers combat fraud and should be allowed without requiring time-consuming court orders in Kentucky, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud and National Insurance Crime Bureau say in a joint amicus brief filed today with the state’s highest court.

“This tool benefits insurers and honest claimants by providing a means for determining the...



Bacall Development: Tips for searching the ideal commercial property

Some say that location is the most important thing when looking for the perfect property for your business. But Bacall Development claims that there are other essential things to consider that are just or even more important as location. Looking for the perfect property for your business can be arduous, so the Bacall team suggests the following to help you find the right...


No Means No!, Meir Ezra

Meir Ezra - Is it easier for you to say "yes" or "no"?

If you are like most people, "no" is more difficult. Saying "no" is like telling someone they are bad or wrong. People might feel rejected if you say, "no."

However, if you can't say "no," you will take detours on your road to success. "No" Regarding Money

To build wealth you must say "no" at times.